Lately I’ve been living my life with intention, doing mostly what brings me joy. This idea of joy is rather new to me. Within the last year I truly discovered its meaning, maybe even experiencing it for the first time, and with that have discovered a whole lot about myself. I’ve closed chapters in my life and opened new ones. With this new season there’s been a big sense of excitement, but of purpose too. I decided that I needed to do things that serve me and to live from my values, even if I’m still deciding what those are.

I inventoried my life of things and got rid of so much. There’s nothing like splitting up your belongings that were accumulated in the last eleven years to really push you to rid your life of literally the things that don’t serve you anymore. Clothes went to people in need, household goods to the goodwill and vintage stuff to another collector of things. I wasn’t looking for money or the feeling of doing good by giving away my stuff; I just needed it to be gone.

I was left with so much space in my life.

Like a lot of space. This idea of space had been following me, if not haunting me.  One of my yoga instructors is constantly reminding me of how much space there is in my body. She’ll place her hand on my leg and gently guide me deeper into a pose and then shouts in a hushed yogic way, “Look how much space you have!” As I was letting go of the physical stuff in my life, it was helping me to let go of the emotional stuff too.

So what do you do with all that space?

The unknown scares the shit out of me. So for the last year or so, if I feared something, I did it. If something brought me anxiety, I didn’t do it. That lead to filling my life with adventures. Sometimes they were big adventures like travelling solo to Central America, or smaller adventures like solo kayaking with Sophie, my dog. Sometimes these adventures were as simple as spending a Friday night eating pizza and watching a documentary. Each adventure has guided me on my road to rediscovery.

And so Less Waste, More Adventure was born.

Less Waste is about creating that space in our life that leaves room for the unknown. It is about spending less on things and more on experience, caring about the environment and being mindful about our choices to find meaning in what is around us; the physical, emotional, relationships.

More Adventure is about discovering the joy and not waiting for experiences to happen, but to make them happen because they serve us.  

There is no path, there is no plan. All is unknown. I hope you’ll enjoying sharing this journey.



Natalie Sanchez